Robert's Site News

4-16-08    WOW, its been a year since I updated this page. many things have changed, such as the recent adddition of audio ads, installing the new CGIProxy (with YouTube/Flash support), and adding a bunch of new domain names.
4-23-07    Added ads. I would ask you to please click on them, but due to Google's Terms of Service, I can't.
4-22-07    Updated CGIProxy. Now MySpace works without errors.
4-18-07    Many Changes. New Domain Name, New e-mail address, site redesign, ability to go to Google, etc...
3-23-07    The DNS problem did not go quietly, but it should be fixed now.

3-21-07    Sorry for the down-time. DNS has been cranky, and I was looking for a problem in the routers, not the DNS.
3-20-07    Added this page, and redesigned the site a little.